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Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus

Once a fungal infection occurs in the nail bed it can spread easily.  Toenail fungus has been notoriously resistant to treatment from topical creams and oral medication.  It is also hard to treat when our toes are always tucked away in socks and shoes!  However, with the latest technology the doctors at Mercer-Ocean Podiatry have seen great results from their laser treatment for toenail fungus.
This laser treatment is more successful than previous methods because the laser reaches the fungus trapped underneath the nail bed.  Laser treatment is done in our office, is painless and has no side effects.  This treatment does not eliminate the fungus, but stops it from spreading and helps your healthy nail grow back out over time.  Depending on the severity of the fungal infection, it could take 6-9 months of treatment to see the fungus eradicated.  As with any treatment for toenail fungus, the most important step is following instructions after treatment to ensure that your nails do not bec…