National Diabetes Awareness Month

The doctors at Mercer-Ocean Podiatry play an important part in our diabetic patients’ care teams. Because of the accumulation of acidic crystals in the lower limbs and problems such as neuropathy, vascular disease, and weakened bones, diabetic people need to pay close attention to their feet. But patients may not know exactly when they need to see a podiatrist, which is why National Diabetes Awareness Month is an especially good time to provide guidance.

When people have neuropathy, numbness in their feet may prevent them from becoming aware of an injury or infection. That’s why they need to inspect their feet daily and take precautions with what they wear. Pretty much any time a patient finds a problem, it’s best for them to seek care, since they may not be able to determine how deep a problem goes. Their immune systems may struggle to handle bacteria that enter through an ulcer, for example, and they shouldn’t try to remove corns on their own. They should also seek help if they notice that the hair on their feet has fallen out, or that their feet have changed color, smell rotten, or are an unusual temperature.

Neuropathy can also cause pain, as can other diabetes-related ailments. Pain anywhere along the lower limbs could be caused by a problem in the feet or something that is having an impact on them. Once we identify the issue we can provide patients with a wide variety of treatments. If problems are caught early, less invasive procedures are usually sufficient to solve them.

Dr. Frank Killian and Dr. Sameep Chandrani run Mercer-Ocean Podiatry. For the location at 2103 Whitehorse Mercerville Road, Hamilton Township, New Jersey, 08619, call 609-585-3200. For the location at 202 Rte 37 W, Suite 4, Toms River, New Jersey, 08755, call 732-557-4266. Visit New Jersey Foot.



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