Foot Care for Diabetics

Mercer-Ocean Podiatry has helped many diabetics manage their foot care and we encourage all diabetics to continue their foot care at home.  A diabetic’s weakened immune system and reduced blood flow to the extremities like feet can mean small injuries have the potential to wreak havoc due to the body being unable to heal itself in this area. 

Even when they are managing their blood sugar properly, diabetics should pay special attention to their feet.  A short daily inspection and a few minutes encouraging circulation are simple preventative measures that can make all the difference.  A diabetic body’s diminished capacity to heal itself in the extremities can even lead to amputations when injuries and infections go unnoticed. This is why a short daily inspection of both feet can prevent huge problems.  Look for any abrasions, redness, swelling, and irregularities in the toenails.  Two or three times a day, spend five minutes moving your ankles and toes to encourage blood flow to the feet.  This short exercise to improve circulation to the feet is another easy step diabetics can take to prevent their feet from succumbing to terrible consequences.

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