Cutting Your Toenails

It may seem basic, but toenail care is an important part of your foot health. Trimming improperly heightens your risk and leads to podiatric conditions. That’s why the staff at Mercer-Ocean Podiatry, PC have put together this helpful guide. Located at two convenient locations in Hamilton Township and Toms River, NJ, Drs. Frank Killian and Sameep Chandrani are feet doctors of the highest tier. This guide helps you through proper feet care. Contact us to learn more.


Proper toenail clipping is necessary to prevent foot issues like ingrown toenails. These nails grow inward, causing pain and possibly infection. Cutting correctly avoids this problem. Before you start, make sure your clippers are the appropriate size. Always clean them before and after with disinfectant.


-First, try to cut your nail straight across. Curved nails are thought to be aesthetically pleasing, but it is not recommended by your NJ podiatrists.

-Don’t cut each nail in one swoop. Make a series of smaller cuts to get the job done.

-Remember not to trim the nails too short. This leads to discomfort and a risk of infection.

-Never clip the cuticles on your toenails. Use a cuticle stick to push them back.

-Lastly, avoid trimming your toenails while wet. They can tear, bend, or cut unevenly.


There is no designated timeframe for how often you should cut your nails. Everyone's nails grow at different speeds. Just make sure to trim them before they rub against your shoes.


Mercer-Ocean Podiatry, PC offers podiatry services to clients in the Hamilton Township and Toms River, NJ, area. You can schedule an appointment with Drs. Frank Killian and Sameep Chandrani by visiting their website or calling. For Hamilton Township, call 609-585-3200. To reach the office at Toms River, call 732-557-4266.


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