Morton's Neuroma

Drs. Frank Killian and Sameep Chandrani of Mercer-Ocean Podiatry, PC, treat a variety of different foot conditions, including Morton’s Neuroma. A neuroma is a thickening of nerve tissue that can manifest in a few different places within the body. The Morton’s neuroma occurs in the ball of the foot between the third and fourth toes. It’s often caused by an irritation to the nerve. Learn more by reaching out to our offices in Hamilton Township and Toms River, NJ.


You’re at risk for a neuroma due to a variety of different factors. The biggest is your choice of footwear. Your NJ podiatrists suggest avoiding shoes with a tapered toe box or high heels. Any repetitive movement also leads to irritation. Wear proper footwear when engaging in running or court sports. Injury or trauma can put you at risk, along with certain foot deformities.


At first, your symptoms appear occasionally. You might experience pain when wearing narrow shoes or exercising. They will gradually worsen. Symptoms become continuous and can last for long periods of time.


You may experience any of the following:






At your appointment with Drs. Killian or Chandrani, you’ll discuss your symptoms and participate in a physical examination. Imaging tests may be ordered. It’s best to seek treatment early to prevent the neuroma from worsening.


Surgery is a last-chance option. This is only recommended for those who haven’t properly responded to other treatments. Nonsurgical treatment for mild to moderate neuromas is often used in combination. Padding placed within the shoes removes pressure from the metatarsal arch. Use ice therapy to reduce any swelling. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen reduce any discomfort. It’s important to avoid any physical activity during recovery. Shoe modifications and orthotics are needed for healing and further prevention.


Drs. Frank Killian and Sameep Chandrani provide quality podiatry services to patients in the Hamilton Township and Toms River, NJ, area. Mercer-Ocean Podiatry, PC offers professional foot services. To schedule an appointment, you can visit our website or call. To reach the Hamilton Township office, call 609-585-3200. For Toms River, call 732-557-4266.


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