Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is a rare but painful podiatric condition. The tibial nerve is compressed as it moves through the tarsal tunnel. Though it is more common in athletes, any individual who stands for long periods of time or puts enormous stress on the tarsal tunnel area are vulnerable to this condition. Drs. Frank Killian and Sameep Chandrani provide treatment services at Mercer-Ocean Podiatry, PC. To learn more, contact their offices in Hamilton Township or Toms River, NJ.


To understand tarsal tunnel syndrome, you first need to understand what your tarsal tunnel is. There is a narrow gap on the inside of your ankle next to the bones. This is the tarsal tunnel. It is covered in an assortment of ligaments to protect the various working pieces. Your tibial nerve, the affected area, is included in these structures.


Anything that puts pressure on the posterior tibial nerve can cause tarsal tunnel syndrome. There are a few major risk factors. If you have flat feet, the outward-facing tilt of your heel strains the nerve. An ankle sprain or other foot injury results in inflammation or swelling. This also compresses the nerve. Other causes of swelling include diabetes or arthritis. Lastly, abnormal foot structures are at fault. This can be anything from a swollen tendon, bone spur, ganglion cyst, or varicose vein.


Symptoms of tarsal tunnel syndrome are felt on the bottom of the foot or the ankle. The pain comes and goes, depending on exercise and usage. The main symptoms are numbness, shooting pain, and a tingling or burning sensation similar to an electric shock.


At your appointment, your Toms River and Hamilton County podiatrist examines your foot. A diagnosis is usually made with just a physical examination, though imaging may be necessary. Treatment occurs in a combination of different techniques. Rest and ice the afflicted foot. Try to restrict any movement. Use over-the-counter medication to manage pain and swelling. Talk to your podiatrist about orthotic devices or supportive shoes.


Mercer-Ocean Podiatry, PC is located in Hamilton Township and Toms River, NJ. To schedule an appointment with Drs. Frank Killian and Sameep Chandrani, visit our website or call. For Hamilton Township, call 609-585-3200. Toms River can be reached at 732-557-4266.


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